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Asian Square was established in 2017 in Seoul of South Korea and opened in a new branch in Fairfax in Virginia(USA).

Asian Square has grown to be an institute dedicated to training Christian political leaders in Asia, establishing Christian political network and conducting research on Asia’s foreign policy.


Asia countries currently face lots of challenges under complex global landscape. Asian Square will vigorously support all efforts and initiatives aimed at achieving the grand vision of building strong Christian political network in Asia through applying Word of God to a social and political issue. First of all, Asian Square will strive to train talented, well-rounded Christian Political leaders strongly committed to serving the public. Also, for the purpose of think-tank, Asian Square will conduct research on and analysis of the Asia government’s mid to long-term foreign policy and Christian strategy. Lastly, we have managed several project: one project is Young Leading Network, which is an international peer network to support Christian Politicians who are running governments or political entities on the perspective of Christianity.

Through the rigorous program of training and research, we strongly believe that our candidates will understand how to apply God's Word to a social and political issue, will acquire social philosophy based on the Word of God, and mastery of the essence of management that will enable them to become Christian leaders in their country.


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Our Mission: encouraging and enabling Christian political leaders in Asia 

Our Vision: strong network of Christian Politicians in Asia bearing witness of Jesus Christ through applying Word of God to a social and political issue in Asia 

Our Core Values
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