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Asian Square will vigorously support all efforts and initiatives aimed at achieving the grand vision of building strong political and leadership network in Asia through applying seasonal worldview.  With the motto "Unified Korea leading Asian innovation," Asian Square leads two campaigns called "Innovation Asia" and "Unification Sketch."   

In terms of potential opportunities, nobody doubts that Asia is the most important continent in the 21st century. However, since Asian countries currently face lots of challenges under complex global landscape, Korea is in the status to lead Asian innovation.  If Korea is unified, Korea can pursue its destiny for Asia more effectively.       

Asian Square focuses on seasonal innovation in relation to regional regeneration, IT & High Tech, and Education. As stated in its mission statement, Asian Square aims to generate new ideas, encourage enlightened public debate and promoted sound policy and program. 

Asian Square was established in 2017. It launched its IT solution subsidiary, DaRee Technology and affiliated with BaMI (Builders as a Mission International) for regional regeneration afterwards.  Asian Square has grown to be a think tank dedicated to suggesting policies to provide creative solutions for Asia. 





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